Let’s Play Catch Up!

You were waiting for this one, right! It’s taking me a minute to workout my morning and evening routine, but I’m back!

So far, I’m using the CeraVe foaming cleanser, in the morning, then Clarins, at night. Peace Corps pre service training (PST) and twelve weeks of homestay living did a number on my skin.

Let’s not even discuss the bed bugs, from the hotel, before my Peace Corps swearing-in ceremony. My entire forehead was attacked.

My lastest Hero Product is Clinique’s new cartridge iD line. I packed the Hydrating Jelly, with the cartridge for lines & wrinkles. I’m so happy that I did. The twenty pound weight loss, during PST, caused a bit of neck sagging. I’m hoping this iD line will do the trick.

Other than that, ….

I’ve learned how to knit socks, using circular needles! I’m also figuring out how to use a loom. Hopefully, the loom project will be a fancy door stop, to keep out the cold. The plain towel works, but the sheep keep eating the plastic bags that I put around it.

In other repair news, I’m waiting for work to begin on the ceiling in my original room. I now also want the room painted, then I’ll purchase the flooring, something to create a day bed, and additional items for a small kitchen area. I’m hoping to create a sitting room, for all the knitting projects, and a spare room for guests.

And, no! There’s still no door on the outhouse. LOL! GGT

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