Where Were We?

Here’s the cat that took a bite out of my leg. Just a scratch, no blood. I’m going to report it, as soon as I get the call, on Monday, concerning my two week sore throat.

In other site news, my school moved the rocks. The ones I couldn’t climb over, to get to class. See, I told you that being a Peace Corps volunteer, at sixty-three, was a good thing.

So, last week, I made my first solo trip to Addis Ababa. I stayed at one of the Peace Corps “official” hotels, near two grocery stores that I wanted to visit. I asked for a room on the first floor, to avoid the stairs. I’m still having flashbacks of carrying my luggage from the basement to the second floor, during Peace Corps training. Talk about a surprise. The shower in my first floor room had jets . . . and they worked! Who knew?

Let’s just take a break from the joy of that shower to enjoy this photo of the tuna salad 🥗 I just ordered for lunch.

I actually enjoy how food orders are changed, based on what the person in the kitchen wants to make. Get on that, America!

Where was I?

I’m back, in Addis Ababa. I took the two hour bus ride, right after I finished teaching. Without a door on the outhouse (and having walked in on some man doing whatever), I decided to celebrate the 100 anniversary of my mother’s birth, by getting a hotel room, in Addis.

The good news is there’s an ice cream shop, next to the hotel. Winning!

So, here we are. Four months into being a Peace Corps volunteer, for the third time, having tuna salad (the sandwich, not the ordered salad), and ice cream, somewhere in Addis Ababa.

Putting the ghetto back into travel –GGT

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