Everybody’s Working for the Weekend . . .

Like a good old “80s” song that you can’t get out of your head, the randomness of this post should be very entertaining … Enjoy, Loverboy!

So, I finally figured out what’s in the room next to my tent. It’s the injera kitchen. This flat bread is made from teff flour. I’m not a fan, but I do enjoy the process.

I’ve been trying to keep the cardiologist happy, by eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Until the rainy season is over, I’ll travel to my Hub Town to purchase food. There’s an open market, at my permanent site, but the mud takes me down every single time.

The school has given me a desk, in the English Department’s Office, along with a key to the door. I’ve also been given the textbook and teacher’s guide. Everyone at the school has been very supportive. It’s good to be 63 and a Peace Corps volunteer.

I’ve decided to turn my other room into a knitting room. I’ll keep my kitchen/laundry in there too. I’m still waiting for the ceiling to be repaired and the walls to be painted. Everyone knows what needs to be done. Now, I wait.

I hope you’re all having a great start to the weekend. After this first full week of teaching, along with my Peace Corps installation (two days …. where they formally introduce you to your community), I’m going to enjoy a toilet (yes, the outhouse at my site is still without a door), a nice hot shower, and a salad.

Week One, over and done! –GGT

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