Homeward Bound: Peace Corps Evacuation: Part 2

Whenever you see me in Bantu knots, I’m probably heading to some airport somewhere in the world. The same was true, on Saturday, as I made my return home, from my Peace Corps service, in Ethiopia.

On March 15th, Jody Olsen, the Director, of the Peace Corps, announcement that for the first time, in the history of the Peace Corps, all currently serving volunteers, worldwide, were being evacuated and sent home.

I arrived in Addis Ababa, last Tuesday, to begin processing out of Peace Corps. After 36 months of service, (back to back to back assignments, in Armenia and Ethiopia), I was done. Two days ago, I began the long flight, to my Home of Record.

On the first leg, from Addis Ababa to WDC, I was seated in business class. All older volunteers, (and younger ones with certain medical conditions), were separated from the other volunteers.

We arrived in Washington DC to find friends, family, and Peace Corps officials, there to welcome us home. I have not lived in the USA, since March 2017.

From Washington, I flew to San Francisco. The connection was close. I ended up running from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3. I had one last flight to go.

After landing, in Honolulu, Hawaii, I called my friend, to pick me up. She said she was close and would be there shortly. She arrived with three “warm” blocks of Spam musubi.

I was home! –GGT

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