Peace Corps Evacuation Self Quarantine: Day 3

Well, there’s no Day 2, because I took a nap and slept thirteen hours! 😂. I guess the three flights, (and one layover in Dublin), from Addis Ababa to Honolulu, caught up with me.

The first thing I did, after arriving at my Peace Corps Home of Record, was do the toilet paper & Spam Musubi trade. Like any good house guest, I purchased toilet paper, in Addis Ababa, as a gift for my host. Like any good host, my friend arrived, curbside, at the airport, with three warm bricks of Spam Musubi! Some friends just know you better than others.

Once home, I realize that I left my Peace Corps passport in the seat pocket, on the plane. So, we had to drive back to the airport, that same night, to retrieve it. It was there waiting for me.

On the flight from San Francisco to Honolulu, the Captain announced that we had the remains of a fallen soldier on our flight and that due to the current situations, with the coronavirus, there was no official escorting the body home. I called the flight attendant over and said that as a Vietnam Veteran and member of the Air Force Honor Guard, at Norton Air Force Base, I was happy to serve as the escort.

So, for now, other than being incredibly tired, I have puffy cheeks (dehydration) and brown spots on my left index finger (no clue). I’m under self quarantine for another eleven days and then under the Stay at Home / Work for Home order that started yesterday, until April 30th.

I’ve been asked if I would be willing to volunteer for the American Red Cross, while I’m here, in Honolulu. I was a disaster services volunteers, starting with Hurricane Katrina, for eight or so years. I, of course, said yes.

Will Peace Corps return? Will evacuated volunteers (now with Close of Service status) be allowed to return to our sites? Will the Stock Market bounce back, along with the bulk of my retirement account?

Is this Ghetto Girl no longer able to travel? –GGT

Peace Corps Armenia 🇦🇲 2017/2019

Peace Corps Ethiopia 🇪🇹 2019/20201

For me, Armenia was all about family. My Momma jan, from PST, my host bro, and my Papa jan grilling meat. At my permanent site, it was always my siblings. We did everything together, homework, ramen noodles, and so so much ice cream! I miss them every single day. Then, there was my Yerevan family, at every restaurant and hotel that I visited, over and over again. I’m back in the USA now, but part of me will always be Armenian! 🇦🇲

Peace Corps Ethiopia: arriving in country, a dead cow on the walk to student teaching, finishing PST, pitching my tent for two years of service, teaching English at Kotu Karl Secondary School, Adventures with Nati, getting book donation for my school (and so many amazing care packages 📦 from my friends), and when leaving site, that last time, having my luggage carried, to the main road, by my little biscuit bandits.

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