Vegas is NOT for the Faint of Heart

Know your Red from your Blue

The airport has a new terminal, Vegas style! My flight pulled into the D gate, in terminal 1. My luggage would arrive at Terminal 3. The airport now has a Blue and a Red automated transit shuttle. When you arrive at midnight, listen hard. The one woman in first class, with us, who had to be told four times to put her face mask on, walked gleefully to the Blue line.

Nice bed but awful hotel

I won’t go into how bad the front desk is at Bally’s in Las Vegas. Y’all already know to stay away from this hotel. But, the blog is called Ghetto Girl Travels, so … I decided to book a few days at the low end hotel, in the center of the action. It’s not them. It’s me. I’ve been coming to Las Vegas since 1974. I get that the “types” of people coming to Vegas is changing, along with the dress code. What I didn’t expect, especially after the COVID shutdown, was how rude and unprofessional a front desk staff could be. Therefore, Bally’s is getting the first D rating that I have ever given a hotel. I’m booked for another four days, so … that rating my go lower.

My kind of Ghetto

I’m kicking myself for not having the guts to book the Best Western Plus, right on the strip. The hotel has a McDonalds, Panda Express, and Chipotle’s next door! Plus, there’s no resort fee. The resort fee, at Bally’s, is more than the cost of the room! I doubt that the service would be better, at Best Western Plus. I would have at least expected it. I mean, homeless people sit under the shade of the McDonald’s sign! You know what you’re in for at the Western!

Long line, great fried okra, but that is Nobody’s mom’s Mac and Cheese!

I started out my first day with lunch at a nearby Soul Food restaurant. I really wanted to buy a few things at Target, but the strip one is really small. Next to the soul food spot was one of those fish spa places. They’re banned in most USA states. I gave it a try, (so you won’t have to do it). I didn’t have problem putting my feet in fish poop or tiny bites. The cost was $45.00 for ten minutes. The girl outside said it would be $35.00 if I used her name/card. I tipped her $5.00, when she seated me. After ten minutes, I looked over at the timer. It was set to 30 minutes. You gotta love Vegas!

I walked around the strip, until I was ready for dinner. I grabbed takeout and made my way back to my room. My key didn’t work. This was the third time in less than 24 hours. My request for a room near the elevator was mistaken for a room almost the furthest from the elevator. The front desk doesn’t answer their phone. So, each time, I have to walk to the elevator, go the the lobby, cross the casino, and wait in the long check in line, to have them reactivate the card. Last night, by the time I got back into my room, my dinner was cold. There’s no microwave. Hell, there’s no coffee pot.

A Room with a View

Bally’s might not be the reason why people come to Vegas, but it’s sure as Hell why bloggers blog! Let’s hope once they’re really up and running, things get better!

Until then, book the Aria!!!!! —GGT

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