Final Leg: Las Vegas Part 1

Stay Golden, Ponyboy

Vegas is making a comeback, starting June 1st. I’m planning on being long gone, by then. I’m making a quick trip, this weekend, to Los Angeles, and then returning to Sin City on Monday. The hotel rates are low Monday-Thursday, while Vegas reopens.

Hello, Lover

Didn’t have much luck on my all time favorite slot machine. It was still fun. Back in the day, I would spend hours on the older model of the Sex and the City slot and always break even. Might go back to the Aria Hotel and see if one of the old machines is still there.

Food Fighters

Had a little incident at breakfast. I was seated at the counter (because I couldn’t be seated at a table, as a solo guest). My counter seat was next to where the takeout food was collected. A woman waiting for her coffee kept trying to talk to me. She was pretty drunk, for 9:00 am. When I tried ignoring her, she poured her coffee (under my seat) so she could stand next to me and keep talking. When you’re paying $30.00 for breakfast, you just want to eat your breakfast.

Give Peace a Chance

Luckily, having had such a peaceful vacation, I handled the breakfast situation (with applause from the staff) and went to the pool at the Paris Hotel to knit. Knitting sock with Magic Loop on circular needles is the best. It takes your mind off everything, even drunk people, in Las Vegas, at 9:00 am.

Leaving Las Vegas

So, the first half of the Vegas leg is done. I can’t even explain how strange it was. It was like a mix between Disneyland and Spring Break. There are long lines for fast food restaurants and empty tables at restaurants in casinos. And, although there hasn’t been a dress code for years, Vegas might need to rethink that one. After forty seven years of going to Las Vegas, maybe I’m too old?

Los Angeles

For now, I’ll lick my wounds, in the City of Angels. I left Southern California in 2002 and moved to North Carolina. Still, there’s no place that I know better. After arriving at LAX and discovering that my hotel no longer had shuttle service, I went with Lyft. They wanted $140.00 to go 4 miles. I gave them a hard no! Then, I took the free “G” airport shuttle, to the Metro, hopped on the Redondo Beach train, and walked half a mile to my destination. The total cost was 75 cents. Closing those iWatch activity rings … Priceless!

Not everyone drives in LA

So, with an extra $139.25 in my pocket, … it’s brunch time for this LA Woman. —GGT

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