June 11: Heading Out

I just want to do a Quick Note, while I’m getting ready for my morning flight to Washington DC.

I’m in the middle of sorting and packing my carry-on bags for Ethiopia.

I will use my carry-on and personal item bags, during the DC orientation, flight to Addis, and ten week PST (Pre Service Training), living with a host family. I shouldn’t need to open my two checked bags, until I’ve reached my permanent site, in September.

I’m almost there … Yerevan to Athens to London to Reykjavík to WDC to Durham to Dayton to Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, then back to LA, then back to Dayton, and now back to WDC, to Addis Ababa, in 30 Days!

I’m not sure where this road from Armenia to Ethiopia is going finally lead me, but I hope you’ll hang around and Follow the Adventure! –GGT

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